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The 1,000 Most Common Characters

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Weekly Quiz [Mar. 15th, 2008|11:38 am]
The 1,000 Most Common Characters


Give the basic meaning and pronunciation (including tone) for each character:

1112. 唯 1111. 隔
1110. 胞 1109. 拜
1108. 炎 1107. 泥
1106. 挑 1105. 妙
1104. 延 1103. 伸
1102. 箱 1101. 幅
1100. 謂 1099. 壁
1098. 桌

1112. 唯 WEI2, only
唯一 WEI2 YI1, one and only

1111. 隔 GE2, to be separate
隔開 GE2 KAI1, to separate

1110. 胞 BAO1, placenta
雙胞胎 SHUANG1 BAO1, TAI1, twins

1109. 拜 BAI4, worshhip
拜拜 BAI4 BAI4, Bye-bye!
禮拜 LI3 BAI4, week
拜年 BAI4 NIAN2, to pay a New Year's visit

1108. 炎 YAN2, inflamation
發炎 FA1 YAN2, to have a fever; inflamation

1107. 泥 NI2, mud, soil; NI4, stubborn
泥土 NI2 TU3, soil

1106. 挑 TIAO1, to select; TIAO3, to provoke
挑選 TIAO1 XUAN3, to select
挑逗 TIAO3 DOU4, to provoke

1105. 妙 MIAO4, wonderful
妙不可言 MIAO4 BU4 KE3 YAN2, too wonderful for words

1104. 延 YAN2, to extend
延長 YAN2 CHANG2, to extend

1103. 伸 SHEN1, to stretch
伸長 SHEN1 ZHANG1, uphold, promote
伸縮 SHEN1 SUO1, elasticity

1102. 箱 XIANG1, box
箱子 XIANG1 ZI, box

1101. 幅 FU2, (measure word for pictures, paintings, etc.)

1100. 謂 WEI4, to call
所謂 SUO3 WEI4, so-called
我無所謂 WO3 WU2 SUO3 WEI4, I don't care

1099. 壁 BI4, wall
隔壁 GE2 BI4, next door

1098. 桌 ZHUO1, table
桌子 ZHUO1 ZI, table


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