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Weekly Review - The 1,000 Most Common Characters [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The 1,000 Most Common Characters

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Weekly Review [Mar. 9th, 2008|01:29 pm]
The 1,000 Most Common Characters



1097. 爺 YE2, paternal grandfather
爺爺 YE2 YE, paternal grandfather; sir (address for person of one's grandfather's age)

1096. 架 JIA4, to erect; shelf
架子 JIA4 ZI, frame; haughtiness
架式 JIA4 SHI4, pose, stance

1095. 藍 LAN2, blue
藍色 LAN2 SE4, blue

1094. 詞 CI2, word, phrase
詞典 CI2 DIAN3, dictionary
名詞 MING2 CI2, noun

1093. 握 WO4, to grasp

1092. 針 ZHEN1, needle
打針 DA3 ZHEN1, to give an injection
針線 ZHEN1 XIAN4, sewing

1091. 訂 订 DING4, to subscribe; to agree to
訂位 DING4 WEI4, to make a reservation

1090. 掛 挂 GUA4, to hang; to register
掛號信 GUA4 HAO4 XIN4, registered letter

1089. 尺 CHI3, foot
公尺 GONG1 CHI3, meter
英尺 YING1 CHI3, foot

1088. 衝 冲 CHONG1, to rush
衝擊 CHONG1 JI2, to assault
衝水 CHONG1 SHUI3, to flush (a toilet)

1087. 漫 MAN4, to flow
漫長 MAN4 CHANG2, endless
漫畫 MAN4 HUA4, comic, manga

1086. 啟 启 QI3, to open; to begin
啟用 QI3 YONG4, to start using
啟發 QI3 FA1, to inspire

1085. 祖 ZU3, ancestors
祖先 ZU3 XIAN1, ancestors

1084. 擴 扩 KUO4, to enlarge; to expand
擴充 KUO4 CHONG1, to expand
擴大 KUO4 DA4, to enlarge

1083. 楚 CHU3, to be clear; (name of a state in ancient China)
清楚 QING1 CHU3, to be clear

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